Cloud to Cloud file transfer provides incredible file transfer speed and increased security

We are always working to keep GoFileDrop at the cutting edge of file transfer technology and we are now introducing "Cloud to Cloud file transfer".

More than ever people are keeping their files in the Cloud, the advantages of doing so are well documented.

When it comes to sending those files to other people GoFileDrop provides a completely secure mechanism for the sender to select a file from their cloud and it is then sent to the recipient's cloud storage, no need to upload a file that already exists in the cloud.

This provides convenience and additional security to all parties involved in the transaction, it also makes it possible to transfer files at incredible speeds.

In a recent test we transferred 800,000 MB of data in 1.89 seconds using our cloud to cloud transfer technology, assuming a relatively fast internet connection of 20 Mps upload speed the same transfer on a regular "upload from device" would take just over three days.

Conclusion - GoFileDrop Cloud to Cloud file transfer is up to 137,000 times faster than a regular file upload or ~ FTP solution.

Currently, we support Google Drive, we will soon be bringing on-line the other big players in cloud storage such as Microsoft Onedrive and Dropbox.


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