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GoFileDrop v2 for Gmail is here

We are delighted to announce the release of GoFileDrop V2 for Gmail

GoFileDropV2 is now available to be installed via this link.

This release is a landmark event in the evolution of GoFileDrop, the Application now integrates with Google Drive using the latest API and utilises OAUTH2.
Below are some of the highlights of this new release:

The ability to capture data such as email, name and a message from the person uploading file(s) (see example screen shot below)

Add the upload tool to a Facebook page you administrate in three clicks - (see example screen shots below)

Improved folder integration, files no longer appear in the root folder following uploadAny data captured from the uploader such as Message etc now appears in the Details area of the Google Drive file, this ensures this data "lives with the Google Drive file" and is always available to reference right within Google Drive. Note that this data is also emailed to you at the time when files are uploaded. (see screen shot …