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Check your sharing settings!

We have been made aware by some customers of an issue that can be caused by putting incorrect values in your "Display Name / Security and Sharing" tab.

To check this login to your account and select the "Display Name / Sharing & Security" tab and take a look at your settings.

If you enter an email address in the field named "Give Edit access to the following address" - (See screen shot below). that your Google Drive does not allow such as an email address that is outside your Domain it will cause an error to occur when attempting to place the uploaded file in your Google Drive account.

To ensue this does not effect your account please delete any email address you have in this field and click the "Save Settings" button.

If you have an invalid email address in this field you will receive an email allowing you to download your files but they will NOT be added to your Google Drive and you will not receive any description that was entered by the send…