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Introducing Insync

We are always interested in great products that make Google Drive even more powerful - Insync is a good example...

If you are a Google Drive power user, which most GoFileDrop users are we would like to let you know about a product that works very well with GoFileDrop called Insync.
Insync is similar to the installable Google Drive Client, with some great additional functionality.
The most notable improvement over the Google Drive client is the ability to use multiple Google Drive accounts at the same time on the same computer, if you use this in conjunction with GoFileDrop you can have a seamless process for receiving files from your customers directly on your website and have them instantly turn up on your local computer in the folders you specify.
Insync also supports more operating systems than the standard Google Drive client, for a list of the additional functionality available with Insync and to run a free trial click here.
Insync costs $9.99 (one time fee)

GoFileDrop action required by your Google Apps Administrator

We are pleased to announce we have now fixed the issue with the Google API that prevented files being pushed to your Google Drive account from GoFileDrop .

HOWEVER - we need your administrator to carry out a simple authorization step before this will work for your Domain.

Information for your Google Apps Administrator

Please login to your Google Apps control panel for your Domain, then:

Click on Marketplace Apps
Click on GoFileDrop
Click on Grant Data Access
Your Done

This is required because we have had to make a change to the Doclist API requirements on the Google Apps Marketplace to match a change made by Google to the API.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, after you make this change GoFileDrop will function correctly again.