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New release - set your display name and hide email address

We are pleased to announce the next release of GoFileDrop for Google Apps. (update for GoFileDrop for Gmail is on the way)
You can now choose the name / text to display to people uploading files to you.
Simply login to GoFileDrop Click the tab called Display Name / Sharing and Security Enter your preferred display name in the field (this defaults to your email address) Save Settings
See the screen shot below

We have also implemented a feature that has been requested by many customers - the ability to hide / mask your email address when both embedding the GoFileDrop uploader and when using the hosted upload tool.
This feature coupled with the one above means your GoFileDrop upload tool can now be completely anonymous should you choose.
To use your new anonymous link simply:
login to GoFileDrop Click the tab called Recieve Files Click the button labelled “Email me a link to my GoFileDrop page
To grab the new code to embed the GoFileDrop upload tool on your web site (without showing your email addre…