Upload from GoFileDrop to specified Google Drive Folder

We are pleased to announce we have just released a new feature for GoFileDrop.

You can now append a folder name to your GoFileDrop link and this will place files uploaded with that link in the specified folder.

Here is how to use it:

If your GoFileDrop link was

And you wanted files uploaded via this link to be placed in a folder called insurance
You would modify your url link as below:

So you are simply appending &folder=foldername to your standard GoFileDrop link.

This functionality works with all editions of GoFileDrop and also works if you have GoFileDrop embedded on your website.

The SLR Development Team


  1. It would be nice if this folder was IN the gofiledrop folder as opposed to being in your root folder.

  2. GoFileDrop does support nested folders, if you just supply the name of the sub folder (under your gofiledrop folder for example) it will place the uploaded file(s) in that sub folder

  3. Can you please provide an example URL that will put the file into the subfolder? It is not clear what characters are used to indicate a subfolder. It seems clear, however, that if you simply named some other folder that it would create that folder at the top level of your GDrive. There is a need to place files in locations other than a top level folder and it would be great if we could access the hierarchy of our GDrive through the URL.

    For example, would it be http://goodocdrop.appspot.com/?email=test@test.com&folder=insurance%5Cclient%5Cbestclientname

    This should put the file in the insurace\client\bestclientname folder.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Michael,

      You would just use the folder name of the nested folder on it's own and the file would then be placed directly in the nested folder, for example to place files in your nested folder called bestclientname you would use the URL below:


    2. Hi,

      I've been trying this but whenever a file is uploaded it seems to make 3 copies of the file in my google drive: one in the subfolder I wanted, one in a new top level folder called "gofiledrop" and a third just in my home folder alongside the top level folders. I would really rather not have everything in triplicate. Any ideas?


  4. Hello,

    It's actually the same file referenced in the different folders - this is an issue with the Google SDK which we will update as soon as a fix is available. If you were to delete the file you would see that all references have also been deleted. Cheers Ian


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