GoFileDrop for Google Apps is now Freemium

We are pleased to introduce a new "Freemium" Business model for GoFileDrop for Google Apps.

Essentially this means you can use GoFileDrop for free on all new or existing accounts, just click this link to add GoFileDrop for Google Apps to your Domain from the Google Apps Marketplace.

The free version of GoFileDrop lets you:

  • Email files as attachments directly to your Google Drive
  • Receive Files securely (up to 3 MB each) using the Web Interface
  • Use GEO Tracking to identify the location of the person sending you files
  • Brand GoFileDrop with your Company Logo or Photo

In addition to the free version there is a  "Pro" version that offers the following additional functionality

  • Receive and Send files up to 1500MB each
  • Embed GoFileDrop on your own Website / Blog

To use the Pro Version just click "Upgrade" in the GoFileDrop Menu Bar.


  1. Is it possible to specify where the file will be sent within the Google Drive?

    1. Yes it is - login to GoFileDrop and click on the "Security and sharing tab" and enter the name of the Google Drive folder in the field "Copy uploaded files to the following Google Docs Folder" then click save settings. Any files uploaded to you via GoFileDrop will now be placed in the specified folder.


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