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Email files to Google Drive with an additional email address

Many GoFileDrop users enjoy using the "email files to Google Drive" feature, some of our users have requested the ability to email files from an additional email address (not your primary GoFileDrop email address)

So here is how to email files to Google Drive with an additional email address:

Login to GoFileDrop and select the "Security and Sharing" tab

Enter the other email address in the field at the bottom of the form labelled "Allow the following additional email address to email files directly to my Google Drive Account"
Click "Save Settings"

You will now be able to email from both your email accounts straight to Google Drive / Docs.

Add GoFileDrop for a subset of users

We have just pushed out a change to the GoFileDrop listing on the Google Apps Marketplace which enables you as a Google Apps Domain administrator to enable the Application for a subset of your users.

Please see the screen shot below:

By default GoFileDrop is enabled for all your users, if however you would like to choose the users for which GoFileDrop is enabled select the option "Enable for Selected Users" when adding the service.
You can then select only the users you would like to use GoFileDrop in your Google Apps Domain control panel.
Note: If you already have GoFileDrop added to your Google Apps Domain you will need to remove the service and add it again selecting the "Enable for Selected Users" option.

GoFileDrop + Google Drive = increased productivity

GoFileDrop plays very well with Google Drive...

GoFileDrop lets people "drop" files in your Google Drive account, this allows you to securely receive files of any size from people without giving those people any access to your Google Drive.

Any files "dropped" in your account via GoFileDrop will instantly appear on all your devices, PC's / Macs / Android phone, iPhone / iPad... your get the idea.

Think of GoFileDrop as a mail box or post box for your Google Drive account.

SEND files with GoFileDrop

We have just released an update to GoFileDrop for Google Apps users.
You can nowsendfiles using GoFileDrop as well as receive files.
To use the new featurelogin to your GoFileDrop account and you will see a new tab to send files, see the screen shot below. You send a link to your files via email and when your recipient opens the file you get an email notification letting you know it has been received along with the recipient’s location on a Google Map. The files are available to be downloaded for 7 days after which time they are deleted from the server.
There is also an option to "Save a copy in Google Docs", this is automatically checked - if you don't want a backup copy of your files just un-check the option before uploading your files.

Geo Location improvement

We have just pushed out an improvement to the Geo Location tracking in GoFileDrop.

You now receive a message that includes the accuracy level of the location tracking.

See the screen shot below for an example: