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GoFileDrop + Insync = secure file delivery to your pc

We would like to recommend a superb product that compliments GoFileDrop called Insync, you can grab a free copy at the link below:

Insync seamlessly syncs Google Docs with any Windows / Mac / Linux computer, similar to Dropbox but for Google Docs.

So if you are using GoFileDrop to securely receive files to your Google Docs account we recommend also installing Insync - that way those files also instantly appear on your PC as well as in Google Docs.

Sender can now enter a description of the dropped files

We have just released a new feature for GoFileDrop (Google Apps Version) - click here to view on the Google Apps Marketplace.

The person sending you files using your GoFileDrop page now has an optional Description field where they can enter a description for the files they are sending you. - see the screen shot below:

This new feature is now live on both standard and embedded GoFileDrop uploaders.

The description information is currently included with the email you receive when people send you files using GoFileDrop, in the near future the description will also be included in the description field on the actual file in Google Docs.

Email to Google Docs

We have just released a new feature for GoFileDrop users (Google Apps version only), if you send an email with attachment(s) to: 

The attachments will automatically be added to your Google Docs account.

If you have not already installed GoFileDrop for Google Apps you can do so at this link
This is a useful feature for quickly adding files to your Google Docs account via email, from devices such as iPhones with no native file upload support.
As a security measure - for this to work you need to send the email from the email address you use with GoFileDrop,