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Automated Sharing

We have just released some great features for automatically sharing files dropped in your GoFileDrop account.

Just login to GoFileDrop and open the "Security and Sharing" tab - see the screen shot below:

You can specify a Folder in Google Docs to which any files uploaded to GoFileDrop will automatically be added and / or specify an email address (which can also be a Google Group email) which will automatically be given edit access to uploaded files.

These features add powerful workflow functionality to GoFileDrop.

A use case scenario would be files uploaded to an Accountants GoFileDrop Application could be automatically filed and shared with the appropriate employees to work on new client files.

Use your Company Logo with GoFileDrop

You can now add your own Company Branding to GoFileDrop by using your own Company Logo in place of the standard GoFileDrop logo.

To implement this just open GoFileDrop from your Google Apps menu and select the change Logo tab.

The screen shot below shows how to change the Company Logo used by GoFileDrop.

The screen shot below demonstrates how GoFileDrop looks to your users using a Company Logo in place of the standard GoFileDrop logo. (in this case the SLR Software Company Logo has been used)

Note - currently these changes apply to GoFileDrop for Google Apps as installed from the Google Apps Marketplace. We will also be implementing these changes for GoFileDrop for Gmail in the near future!

Upload to an admin defined Folder

We are currently implementing a new feature for GoFileDrop, users will be able to define a Google Docs folder to which uploaded files will be automatically added.

This will be a great addition to GoFileDrop, allowing for automated sharing and workflow of files received via GoFileDrop.