How to turn your Gmail account into a file drop service for free

Recently Google has enabled arbitrary file uploads to its Google Docs service.

This has opened up many interesting possibilities for third party serivce developers.

One such service instantly turns your standard Gmail account into a file drop service where you can receive large files from the people you work with.

Google gives you 1 GIG of data for free and the GoFileDrop service gives you a free tool to use that space to receive files straight to Google Docs.

This saves you time and money - no more sending large files as attachments, and no need to sign up to another non Google solution - just email a link to the sender and they can upload files directly to your Google Docs account using a web browser.

When you receive a file you get an email with a link to open the file directly in Google Docs.

The service gives you 50 MB of free data and 250 MB data for each friend you introduce to the service, so with four referrals you can use all of your free Google storage to receive files... for free.

GoFileDrop can be added to your Gmail account in four mouse clicks.

Just click below to visit the GoFileDrop website and click the install link at the top of the page.


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