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GoFileDrop for regular Gmail accounts is almost here

GoFileDrop for regular Gmail accounts is almost here...

We have been burning the midnight oil developing GoFileDrop for regular Gmail accounts and are pleased to announce that it is almost release ready!

This will allow ANYONE with a Gmail account to receive files securely to their Google Docs account.

Please stay tuned to keep updated.

GoFileDrop trial extended to ALL users

We have now extended the free trial available on the Google Apps Marketplace to include ALL users in your organization.

This enables all of your organization to experience the benefits of using GoFileDrop to receive files directly to their Google Docs accounts.

Note (to Google Apps Administrators): If you have already installed GoFileDrop to enable it for all of your users have your administrator un-install then re-install GoFileDrop via your domain administration panel, Google will then enable GoFileDrop for all of your users and they will see a link to open the Application from the More menu.

GoFileDrop awarded TRUSTe seal of approval

We are proud to announce that GoFileDrop has been awarded the TRUSTe seal of approval.

We take the privacy of your data very seriously and this seal of approval shows our commitment to your privacy - click here to visit our solution in the Google Apps Marketplace and check out the TRUSTe seal.

GoFileDrop - Google Apps Marketplace launch press release

GoFileDrop - Google Apps Marketplace launch press release
GoFileDrop Gives Google Docs File Drop functionality where anyone with your GoFileDrop address can Upload files to your Google Docs account.

Like many new innovations GoFileDrop was developed to meet a specific need,

“Many people use Google Docs for creating / sharing and managing their content in the cloud but a lot of your files come from other people – wouldn’t it be great if those collaborators could just “drop” a file in your Google Docs account.” (Ian Gillett GoFileDrop CEO)

To be truly useful the service would also have to be: Very easy to useBe SecureHandle large files (up to 2 Gigabytes)Be fully integrated with Google Apps100% web basedEasy for Business to install and deploy
Up until now there was no easy way to accomplish this – generally you would:

1.Use another service to receive your files
2. Then upload or import the files to Google Docs where they would live in the Cloud.

GoFileDrop removes s…