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Automated Sharing

We have just released some great features for automatically sharing files dropped in your GoFileDrop account.

Just login to GoFileDrop and open the "Security and Sharing" tab - see the screen shot below:

You can specify a Folder in Google Docs to which any files uploaded to GoFileDrop will automatically be added and / or specify an email address (which can also be a Google Group email) which will automatically be given edit access to uploaded files.

These features add powerful workflow functionality to GoFileDrop.

A use case scenario would be files uploaded to an Accountants GoFileDrop Application could be automatically filed and shared with the appropriate employees to work on new client files.

Use your Company Logo with GoFileDrop

You can now add your own Company Branding to GoFileDrop by using your own Company Logo in place of the standard GoFileDrop logo.

To implement this just open GoFileDrop from your Google Apps menu and select the change Logo tab.

The screen shot below shows how to change the Company Logo used by GoFileDrop.

The screen shot below demonstrates how GoFileDrop looks to your users using a Company Logo in place of the standard GoFileDrop logo. (in this case the SLR Software Company Logo has been used)

Note - currently these changes apply to GoFileDrop for Google Apps as installed from the Google Apps Marketplace. We will also be implementing these changes for GoFileDrop for Gmail in the near future!

Upload to an admin defined Folder

We are currently implementing a new feature for GoFileDrop, users will be able to define a Google Docs folder to which uploaded files will be automatically added.

This will be a great addition to GoFileDrop, allowing for automated sharing and workflow of files received via GoFileDrop.

All you can eat more popular than a Vegas buffet

We have had an incredible response to our new simplified "All YOU CAN EAT" data plan.

For only $5 per month / per user you can use GoFileDrop to receive an unlimited amount of data and files.

Thank you to all our subscribers, we look forward to bringing you some exciting new features in the next few months.


The GoFileDrop team.

Live Demo - embed your GoFileDrop uploader in a website

We have just enabled a live demo, see the link below:

This demo shows how you can embed your GoFileDrop uploader in any web page (in this demonstration the GoFileDrop Application is embedded in a Google Sites powered website).

For help embedding your own GoFileDrop control contact

Unlimited data use

You can now use GoFileDrop with no usage or data restrictions.

We want to ensure you get the most out of GoFileDrop and based on your feedback we have changed our subscription model and removed all restrictions on the amount of data you can receive.

To summarize the new model:

When you activate GoFileDrop you can use it with no usage restrictions for a trial period.After your trial period you need to activate a subscription, to keep things simple it's $5 per month / user for unlimited usage. 

Email files to Google Docs

We are currently developing a new feature for GoFileDrop which will allow you to email files to Google Docs.
You will receive a unique email address for your account, any email with attachments sent to this address will have the attachments automatically added to your Google Docs account.
Share your unique email address with anyone you want to be able to add files to your Google Docs account via email.
Stay tuned for the official release...

How to Make Google Apps "A LOT" more secure

GoFileDrop makes receiving files more secure, now you can ensure your Google Apps data is protected by the newly introduced Two Step verification.

Essentially this means your Google Apps data including files received with GoFileDrop are a whole lot more secure... see the extract from Google below.

Has anyone you know ever lost control of an email account and inadvertently sent spam—or worse—to their friends and family? There are plenty of examples (like the classic "Mugged in London" scam) that demonstrate why it's important to take steps to help secure your activities online. Your Gmail account, your photos, your private documents—if you reuse the same password on multiple sites and one of those sites gets hacked, or your password is conned out of you directly through a phishing scam, it can be used to access some of your most closely-held information.

Most of us are used to entrusting our information to a password, but we know that some of you are looking for something s…

Think of email as a postcard that anyone can read...

Technology lawyer Mark A. Berman writes in the New York Law Journal that you should stop thinking about your inbox as a private place: People continue to rely on their belief that the contents of e-mails, like phone calls, are sacrosanct and what is “said” in e-mail communication remains “confidential” to everyone other than the parties to them. However, that expectation of privacy is breaking down by the day. E-mails should more properly be viewed as a “postcard” or a conversation over a speakerphone, both open and available to a passerby to hear or see, than like a private “confidential,” “sealed” letter. via Expectations of Privacy in E-Mail Communications. This applies to attachments as well as the email text, an easy solution to the email security issue is to use GoFileDrop to receive files as they are transmitted directly to your Google Docs account, they do not travel through potentially insecure mail servers.
Furthermore the files are transmitted using a secure connection - the sam…

GoFileDrop (for Apps users) on the Google Apps Marketplace


GoFileDrop now top place in "Popular and Notable Apps" on Google Marketplace


How to turn your Gmail account into a file drop service for free

Recently Google has enabled arbitrary file uploads to its Google Docs service.

This has opened up many interesting possibilities for third party serivce developers.

One such service instantly turns your standard Gmail account into a file drop service where you can receive large files from the people you work with.

Google gives you 1 GIG of data for free and the GoFileDrop service gives you a free tool to use that space to receive files straight to Google Docs.

This saves you time and money - no more sending large files as attachments, and no need to sign up to another non Google solution - just email a link to the sender and they can upload files directly to your Google Docs account using a web browser.

When you receive a file you get an email with a link to open the file directly in Google Docs.

The service gives you 50 MB of free data and 250 MB data for each friend you introduce to the service, so with four referrals you can use all of your free Google storage to receive files... for fre…

GoFileDrop on CNN Money


GoFileDrop 250 MB free data for each recommendation

EDIT - you can now use unlimited data! - see link below:

GoFileDrop 250 MB free data

For each Gmail user you recommend GoFileDrop to you will receive 250 MB of free data to use with your GoFileDrop account, your friend will also receive 250 MB of free data when they activate their GoFileDrop account.

That's a total of 300 MB data with just one referral to use with GoFileDrop!

To claim your free data just cc when you email the person to whom you are recommending GoFileDrop.

Please ensure you send the email from your Gmail address that you are using with GoFileDrop so we know the account to credit.

Just forward this link to your friend for them to sign up for GoFileDrop.

Click here to add GoFileDrop to your Gmail account now for free 

Please allow up to 24 hours for your free data to be added

GoFileDrop is now available on the Google Chrome Store

We are delighted to announce that GoFileDrop is now available on the Google Chrome Store.

Click here to open GoFileDrop on the Google Chrome Store

GoFileDrop for Gmail is now released!

GoFileDrop for regular Gmail accounts is now released, this version of GoFileDrop works with ANY Gmail account.

Add file drop functionality to your Gmail account for free in 30 seconds.

Click here to add GoFileDrop to your Gmail account now for free 

To find out more about GoFileDrop visit our website at

GoFileDrop for regular Gmail accounts is almost here

GoFileDrop for regular Gmail accounts is almost here...

We have been burning the midnight oil developing GoFileDrop for regular Gmail accounts and are pleased to announce that it is almost release ready!

This will allow ANYONE with a Gmail account to receive files securely to their Google Docs account.

Please stay tuned to keep updated.

GoFileDrop trial extended to ALL users

We have now extended the free trial available on the Google Apps Marketplace to include ALL users in your organization.

This enables all of your organization to experience the benefits of using GoFileDrop to receive files directly to their Google Docs accounts.

Note (to Google Apps Administrators): If you have already installed GoFileDrop to enable it for all of your users have your administrator un-install then re-install GoFileDrop via your domain administration panel, Google will then enable GoFileDrop for all of your users and they will see a link to open the Application from the More menu.

GoFileDrop awarded TRUSTe seal of approval

We are proud to announce that GoFileDrop has been awarded the TRUSTe seal of approval.

We take the privacy of your data very seriously and this seal of approval shows our commitment to your privacy - click here to visit our solution in the Google Apps Marketplace and check out the TRUSTe seal.

GoFileDrop - Google Apps Marketplace launch press release

GoFileDrop - Google Apps Marketplace launch press release
GoFileDrop Gives Google Docs File Drop functionality where anyone with your GoFileDrop address can Upload files to your Google Docs account.

Like many new innovations GoFileDrop was developed to meet a specific need,

“Many people use Google Docs for creating / sharing and managing their content in the cloud but a lot of your files come from other people – wouldn’t it be great if those collaborators could just “drop” a file in your Google Docs account.” (Ian Gillett GoFileDrop CEO)

To be truly useful the service would also have to be: Very easy to useBe SecureHandle large files (up to 2 Gigabytes)Be fully integrated with Google Apps100% web basedEasy for Business to install and deploy
Up until now there was no easy way to accomplish this – generally you would:

1.Use another service to receive your files
2. Then upload or import the files to Google Docs where they would live in the Cloud.

GoFileDrop removes s…