GoFileDrop new release is now pushed out to all subscribers + user manual available

We have been hard at work over the last six months developing the latest version of GoFileDrop and are delighted to announce that it has now been released to all subscribers.

We have also completed the latest user manual which you can download here and read about all the new features.

Congratulations to the development team and we hope you enjoy using the latest version of GoFileDrop.

Major release coming in the next few days... - sneak peek at the new interface

Here is a snapshot of the new upload tool

The new administration interface

Another preview of the user interface

The new release will be rolled out over the next few days...
Thanks The GoFileDrop Team

New features for 2017

We are always working to improve the GoFileDrop Application and 2017 will see our most exciting release to date with the following new features:

New upload tool with improved reliability and feedbackAll new interface for managing your GoFileDrop applicationInbox - an interface to view files received via GoFileDropSent view - manage and track files you have sentPeople sending you files can select files from their cloud as well as from their local devices, this will enable incredible file transfer speed and efficiency We will post updates here when the new version is release ready...

Problems receiving files? - re-authorise your account to work with GoFileDrop

If you are having an issue receiving files please re-authorise your Google Account to work with GoFileDrop. Just follow the simple steps below:

1: Logout of ALL Google accounts
2: Login to Gmail with the account you wish to use with GoFileDrop
3 Visit this link and authorise your Google account to work with GoFileDrop

American GoFileDrop users can now pay in USD and save..

We are now able to offer the ability to pay for your subscription in USD rather than GBP which will save you additional bank / card charges.
To switch over to paying in USD is easy just visit this link and sign up again - we will then cancel your original GBP subscription and issue a pro rata refund.
Thank you for your business.

The GoFileDrop Team

File upload email receipt

File upload receipt - we have just released a new feature to provide confirmation of a successful file upload to the person sending you files. If an email address is provided by the uploader then email confirmation is sent back to the uploader along with a unique reference code, the unique reference code is also sent to you as the recipient of the files.

GoFileDrop Mobile interface improvements

We have just pushed out a change to make GoFileDrop play better with mobile devices, the new responsive layout makes it even easier for your clients to send you files via their mobile devices...

Below is a screen shot taken from an Android Nexus 4